Beekeeping Links

NJ Web Sites
-- South Jersey BKRPS Assn
Tim Schuler
PO Box 228
Richland, NJ 08350
Tim Schuler's email
-- Jersey Cape Group BKRPS Assn
Bill Eisele
280 Old Tuckahoe Rd
Petersburg, NJ 08270-3132
Bill Eisele's email
Jersey Cape FaceBook
Jersey Cape Blog
-- South Jersey Beekeepers
Doris Morgan
838 Tuska Avenue
Millville, NJ 8332
Doris Morgan's email
-- NorthWest NJ Beekeepers
-- NJ Pollen-Nectar Plants
-- BK Corner Podcast

NJ bees for sale
-- I have emailed
- E&M Gold
- E&M Gold Blog
- Douglas Farms - Packages and nucs
908 443-1199 Gladstone
Somerset County

- Charlie Toth - Carniolan queens & nucs
Somerset County
(732) 873-2989

- S & F Honey Farm - nucs
57 Amwell Road
Flemington, NJ 08822-1942
(908) 782-7525

- Stiles Apiaries - nucs
Grant Stiles
859 King George Rd
Fords, NJ 08863
(732) 661-0700

- Ivan Pavlyuk - Whole hives, nuc's, queens
908 268-8579
908 458-1812
Summit, Union County
- Bee Hive Barn
156 Plainsboro Rd, Cranbury, NJ
nucs April, $110, 2 hrs, store

- Honey Jean's Inc
360 Old York Road
Flemington, NJ 08822-1933
(908) 782-7912

-- Goose Rock Farm

- Stewarts Apiaries
34 Cape May Road, Dorothy
nucs July 1, $120

How To
Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids
Guide to Beekeeping @ HiveTool
Long Lane Basic Lessons
Articles by Walt Wright
Google Free eBooks on Beekeeping
Choosing the best hive location BeeCraft

Digital Book Index Beekeeping
Michael Bush Books
The Backyard Beekeeper
Wicwis Press
Honeybee Democracy
Google Ebook Store
Bush Farms Classic Books on Beekeeping
Better Queens by Jay Smith
Internet Archive - Queen Rearing
Internet Archive - Beekeeping

Prince William Regional Beekeepers
Mike Palmer Sustainable Beekeeping

Raising Queens
Queen Rearing - Michael Bush
Papers by Larry Connw @ WICWAS
Breeding the Honey Bee - Brother Adam

Kelly's Bees
Pink Pages
Honeybees News

Swarm Traps
Get your traps ready

5 Frame Beekeeping
Wintering Nucs - Michael Palmer Thread
Overwintering Nuc’s - VA
Nuc info @ bushfarms
First Year Care For Your Nuc

Nucs - Honey Bee Suite
Queen-rearing terminology
Every Beekeeper Should Have a Nuc
Start Queen in 2 Frames
Over Winter
10 frame nuc hive stand
Walk away split
Queen Cups
Nuc moving day

Nuc Boxes
Brushy Mt Nucs
5 - Frame NUC Medium Super
Miller's 5 frame nuc - $34.95+14.65
North American 5 frame nucassembled
Bee Brief, Portable Nuc Box
H & L Bee Farm 5 frame hives
Plans for Constructing a Beehive

Bee Works Feeding
Winter Bee Kind Board

Maxant Nine Frame Extractor

6 medium frames radially + stand
Electric Uncapping Plane

Protective Clothing
English Style Suit - BetterBees
Ultra Breeze

Hive Record Keeping

Web Sites
Practical Beekeeper
Kirk Webster
Beginning Beekeeping
Newbie Beekeeper
American Beekeeping Federation
Honey Bee Suite
Bad Beekeeping
Bee Works
Dancing Bee Gardens
Beginner Beekeepers
Don the Fat Beeman

Bee Source Forum
Bee Master Forum
Beekeeping Forum
Russell Apiaries Forum
Basic Beekeeping
Notes from the Beeyard
Hive Mind
Backyard Beekeepers
Vioce of the Hive
Borough Bees
Learning Beekeeping
Midnite Bee

Hourly Weather Forecast

Click for Pinetop, Arizona Forecast

Equipment & Supplies
Brushy Mountain
Miller Bee Supply
Rossman Apiaries
Woodworking Barn
Simpsons Bee Supplies
Walter T Kelly
Mann Lake Ltd
Even's Cedar Bee Hives

Charlie Toth - Carniolan queens & nucs
Somerset County
(732) 873-2989
Full Bloom Apiaries - CT
Mike's Bees - Ohio Q
Ebert Honey Company - Iowa Q

North Eastern Raised
Jersey Girls - Q & N Hygentic
Bjorn Apiaries - PA wintered nucs
White Oak - NY wintered Q & N
BeeWeaver Breed - No Chemicals TX
Bush Farms Wild Queens

Buckfast Bees
R Weaver

Russia Bees
Russian Honey Bee Breeders
Cold Country Queens NY nucs & queens
Harper's Honey - Louisiana queens
Revis Russian Apiaries - NC queens
Long Creek Apiaries - TN queens + packages
Coy's Honey Farm - Mississippi queens
Tubbs Apiary - Mississippi queens Introducing Russian Queens